Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"The Office" Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered to win The Office Season 6 DVDs (that Universal was so kind to give us for this contest) and congratulations to the winners! The winners and their “Worst Boss” stories are listed below.

Chad Hunt (Monroe, Utah):

“For a summer I worked a home security company doing summer sales door to door in the midwest. First mistake.

“My district manager was a nice guy, but the regional vice president was a real douche and I had the wonderful opportunity of going out one day with him to try and make a few sales, because I was not exactly producing numbers — mostly because I refused to lie and manipulate old people.

“My first sales experience with this dude involved him talking his way into this old lady’s house and being an asshole as he got her to sing up for a service she said over and over she didn’t really want. I just watched and, though I tried to get up and leave several times, it was like some sort of train wreck I could not look away from.

“After he “closed the deal” he schooled me about how that was a textbook sale and how I should be doing that at least once a day. My wife, who worked in the office helping to manage new accounts later informed me the lady called to cancel within her three day grace period saying she didn’t know what she was signing.

“About a month later, the district that that VP guy was over took a dirt nap, and he brought his horde of goons out to my district, which then led to the straw that broke me, ending with me telling him and a few others were they could shove that job.

“I was basically only still out there at that point because my wife was supposed to make good money and get a sweet bonus a the end of the summer. That was the one reason that was preventing me from sticking a pen through my eye socket.

“One day, douche guy decides in a morning meeting that he wants to help me out and give me a referral that was in my area. I said fine, and thought I would check on it. I called him several times during the day and he would pretend he was busy and never answer me. At the end of the day I got home and he and a few other dickbags that he had talked with informed me it was a “joke — no hard feelings.” I nearly snapped.

“The next week my wife was “let go” and we took a week’s vacation before we got back to Utah and moved into a new apartment to start school.

“A year later the company went belly up and the douche and everyone else still working for them were also “let go.” Also, the company was millions of dollars in the hole and had been double dipping on accounts and not paying their employees. I think several lawsuits also arose from disgruntled employees.”

Sam Maw (South Jordan, Utah):

“I worked for a cable company here in Salt Lake that will remain nameless (oops, there’s only one cable company in Salt Lake, isn’t there?) answering phones in customer service.

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