Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Robin Hood" DVD Contest Winners

While none of our do-gooder stories featured anything remotely like a Robin Hood tale, they were all great. I would’ve liked to see a story say something like, “This family down the street had no food and couldn’t even pay their electricity bill. Instead of giving them money out my own pocket, and stuck on a hockey mask and robbed super rich Wall Street guys after they stepped out of their stretch limos on the way to work.”

But, I guess at the end of the day, the people that commented on our thread are just a bit better than Robin Hood right? Well, they’re certainly better than the bland (that’s right I said it) Robin Hood that Russell Crowe portrayed.

After much deliberation, because really all the stories were fantastic, we’ve chosen three of them. I’ll post them below. I’m also going to post why we liked them so much and what makes them a deserving winner.

Winner #1 – JessaL

It’s Science! Hard Stupid Science

“My ex-boyfriend’s twin brother called me in a panic. He just found out he failed Organic Chemistry. We had always been close but hadn’t seen one another since the break-up with his brother. He said he was going to lose his scholarship and be ineligible to play football in the fall if he didn’t pass Organic Chemistry. (it’s my area of study). He’s a bright guy he just has a learning disability and it takes him a long time to absorb things. So over this past summer I tutored him for 3 hours a day, 6 days a week in O-Chem for free. After I finished tutoring him then I studied for the LSAT every night for myself. Easily the least exciting summer of my life. He was really grateful and had been through 4 different tutors- but finally it clicked for him. He likened it to “being as challenging as having to teach a 3 month old fluent Mandarin” So, I basically spent my summer staring at someone who is identical to my ex everyday- but the good news is he passed and is playing football! (And I would like to thank my roommate Ash for telling me about this site and encouraging me to share this story :)”

The Reasoning: I hate science, especially chemistry. As an English major there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to balance some silly equation of fluids and elements to make it do whatever it’s supposed to do. I know how this guy feels, I had to take Pre-Algebra twice in junior high because I sucked so bad. Math and science are a writer’s downfall most of the time. I would have loved for someone to spend the time tutoring me, and helping me through those tough days of beakers and bunson burners. Sadly, I scrapped my way through chemistry with a fine blend of medocrity and cheating (I robbed from the rich in knowledge and gave unto the poor, which was myself).

Jessa, you’re a good person for helping someone pass chemistry, and making it the twin brother of your ex-boyfriend is even more inspiring. We don’t know why you broke up with your boyfriend in the first place, but it’s safe to say that you two probably wouldn’t have been around each other again if it weren’t for something big like this happening. Doing good brings together all types of people, even people that once were in relationships together. Oh, and welcome to the site Jessa. Hope you have a great time here with all of us. By the way, I may give you a call if I ever have to take another science class.

Winner #2 – Joseph Chambers

Welcome Into My Personal Space, You Dirty Stranger

“I’ve always been comfortable talking to strangers but shy away from inviting them into my personal space. The car is like a sanctuary to me, one where I can sing at the top of my lungs never really a place you would find a stranger. One afternoon my wife and I were driving home, when we pulled on to our street I noticed a man walking with a gas can in hand. This man was dirty looking like he had spent all day long working road construction. I told my wife to stop the car and I ran out and asked him if he needed a lift to the nearest gas station. We don’t really live by anything with the nearest gas station was several a miles away. There was no telling how far this man had already walked in the 90 degree weather. I must admit that I was uneasy for several reasons, first my wife was pregnant, and second it was a two door car and rather than make the guy shove the gas can and get in the back seat, I maneuvered myself back there. We then drove him to the gas station and back to his car as we dropped him off I was surprised to find his whole family, wife, baby, several kids, and a grandma anxiously awaiting his return. In total the guy would have had to walk 3 miles to get back to his family that hot day.”

The Reasoning: Letting people into your personal space can be a hard thing to do. Especially when it’s a strange, dirty man on the side of the road with an empty gas can. For all you know he could be the Gas Can Bludgener. You know the famous serial killer who bludgens people with empty gas cans? It takes a few hard hits, because the empty gas cans don’t pack much of a wallop, but it gets the job done in the end.

Joe, throwing caution into the wind, decided to pick up this guy (thank heavens he wasn’t the Gas Can Bludgener). To make the deal even sweeter, and to make Joe feel even more amazing about himself and his helpful tendencies he found out that he not only helped a grime covered pedestrian, but he also helped his (equally?) grime covered family. Way to go Joe. Still, a better ending would be that you stole that gas from the pump and ran off screaming “Screw you oil companies!”

Winner #3 – smk

I Could Use a Little Help From My Friends

“On my way to Memphis, TN to see my college buddy, my car broke down in Alabama. I managed to park my car near another car on the side of the highway, not knowing what to do exactly. I met a couple who owned the car standing by and it turned out that their Mercedes was having a problem too. Their cell phone’s battery was out. So I lent them my cell phone. They made some calls and I called AAA. We chatted a little while we were waiting for our help. When I think about that incident, I’m always thankful that I found a good company in them during that hour. So I guess, I helped them and in a way, they also helped me. :D”

The Reasoning: Oh that good old feeling of helping those in need. Smk, found friendship with that feeling. Not only was he able to help out a couple who needed it, but he also helped himself out. So often we meet people along life’s journey that we never had the intention of even talking to, but circumstances throw us into a unusual spiral. Here people who would have never met otherwise, met and became friends (probably Facebook friends later on, who knows!).

Thanks to everyone that submitted a story about their own heroism in the face of danger, car trouble, or weather adversity. The truth is we wish we could have given DVDs to everyone who submitted a story, but it’s just not possible. But, now you winners are rich, and you have to be wary of those that didn’t win, because they have free reign to steal your copy and give it to themselves (or someone else in need) just like Robin Hood would’ve done if he hadn’t been played by Russell Crowe, and changed by Ridley Scott. But, that’s a debate for another time.

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