Clayton Prete

Clayton Prete
Uncharted Is Making Its Way To The Big Screen!

With every great video game I've ever played, (which is quite a bit) I find myself hoping that someday a studio will turn it into a great movie. To this day it still hasn't happened. We have all had to sit through such flops as Doom, Resident Evil 1-4, Hit …

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Going the Distance
The Last Exorcism
Netflix on the iPhone!

After months of teasing, Netflix announces their FREE Instant Streaming app for the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. Now you can stream high quality videos anywhere you get an Interweb or 3G connection. This morning at work I've started watching Dexter again with the loading time as quick as my PS3. …

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Piranha 3-D
Alice In Wonderland
The Wolfman
The Road
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