Ever since Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy came to a close, it’s become trendy to needlessly hate on DC’s comic book movies and blindly love Marvel’s. I completely agree that DC has had some misfires – most noticeably with the theatrical cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (the ultimate cut fixes 99 percent of the issues) and either cut of Suicide Squad – but the hate that Justice League is getting is completely unwarranted.

Also out this weekend is a fantastic PG dramedy from the author-turned-filmmaker of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Shifting his focus from the high school years to elementary school years, he delivers one of the best movies of the year with Wonder.

Another kids movie is out this weekend, but I “unfortunately” couldn’t screen The Star.

Listen below to my segment from The Mix Morning Fix radio show as I review Justice League and Wonder, as well as criticize The Star without having seen it!

Listen to “Movie Review- Justice League, Wonder, The Star” on Spreaker.

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