Back to the Future is the first movie I remember seeing on the big screen. I remember loving every minute of it as I sat next to my dad in a darkened theater. I absolutely love those movies – including the third!

The rumors flying out of Hollywood are saying that the remastered versions for the upcoming Blu-ray release of the trilogy are breathtaking, that Back to the Future has never looked this good. Although the Blu-ray is only a month and a half away from being released domestically (October 26, 2010), I am utterly jealous of anyone who lives in the U.K. for getting to see the crisp cleaned-up versions on the big screen. It would be awesome for this new young generation of Americans to have the same first-time moviegoing experience that I did.

Even though the Blu-ray will be here in no time, would you go Back to the Future again on the big screen if you could?

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