This week has been a huge one for The Reel Place. We literally tripled our website traffic because of all of you that have been coming to the site. We’re very grateful to the visitors, old and new, that we’ve been seeing pass through here.

Before I review what happened on our site this week, I wanted to give you a heads up on what’s to come. We’re going to be adding even more writers in the coming weeks, and starting a handful of original feature articles that will delve into deep commentary on film and different aspects of it. So stay tuned for that!

You’ll soon learn that we’re contest freaks. We’ll be giving away tickets to new movies and Blu-rays forever. So just sit back and start winning stuff.

This week we have a contest to win Edge of Darkness on Blu-ray.

We also have a contest where you can win tickets to see The Expendables as soon as it’s released in theaters.

And we just put up a way to get tickets to the promotional screening of the new spoofing of Twilight movies. Get tickets to Vampires Suck now!

Let’s start with the reviews we posted this week. Luke and I saw Will Ferrell’s new comedy called The Other Guys, and we both really liked it.

The Other Guys: Aaron’s Take

The Other Guys: Luke’s Take

Luke also had the displeasure of seeing Step Up 3-D. Although the review has sparked a discussion between me and Dan Vinton, of Andy at the Movies, if Step Up 3-D is really worth seeing.

Step Up 3-D: Luke’s Take

Because we’ve been getting so many notices from the studios for what they’re planning on releasing in the coming months I decided to cover each studio in detail (lists for Weinstein and Overture Films coming next week).

Check out the upcoming slate of movies for Lionsgate, Universal, and Summit Entertainment.

Luke got to check some footage from Danny Boyle’s new movie 127 Hours. Needless to say he’s pretty excited by what he saw.

We covered some new trailers, giving you a sneak peek at what Hollywood is putting out. See the trailers for Vampires Suck, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, and even the trailer for season five of Dexter.

There you have it. The week in review for The Reel Place. Big things are coming in the next few weeks! Have a great weekend everyone.

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