For some reason, a high amount of trailers have popped up online this week. Instead of creating a bunch of different posts, I’m cramming them all into one. Take 15 minutes, kick your feet up and enjoy a look at what’s to come.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

There is no arguing that the first Pirates film was unexpectedly good – one of Disney’s best live-action films of all time. There is also no arguing that the next two installments were terrible – so bad that they have tainted the original. Two of the three key players from the original movies did not want to return for the fourth and fifth films, and frankly, neither do I. After seeing this trailer, I feel like I’m just seeing the a rehash of the second movie; instead of jungle-dwelling cannibals it has jungle-dwelling zombies. I don’t mean to judge a book by its cover, I’m judging it by its predecessors.

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Joining the ranks of How to Train Your Dragon and Fantastic Mr. Fox, Rango appears to be one of the rare animated films that meets the high bar set by Pixar. Rango looks like the animated movie aimed to please all audiences, children and adults alike. After showing the trailer to my three-year-old daughter, she insisted on watching it over and over again. I showed her how to restart the trailer once it was finished and she proceeded to watch it over a dozen time – so many times that she could quote nearly the entire thing. I think that is a premature testimony on how Rango will pan out with children.

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Fast Five

Who would have guessed that the Fast and Furious franchise would make five movies? Fast Five teams up every still-living main player from the previous four films against Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s FBI agent hot on their trail. If you can accept this series for what it is – mindless action with awesome chases and stunts – then Fast Five looks up to par with the other guilty pleasure Fast and Furious flicks.

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Take Me Home Tonight

So what if I am a sucker for this type of flick! Take Me Home Tonight looks like your run-of-the-mill John Hughes ’80s coming-of-age knock-off (i.e., Can’t Hardly Wait). I like the cast and they do the trailer justice. Check it out and you will see what I mean.

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Basically an abbreviated version of the 5-minute Comic Con trailer we posted back in July, the new Thor trailer shows that there is more to expect from Thor than just a geeky comicbook movie. Mixing the heavenly world of angry Gods with the well-established reality of Tony Stark in Iron Man, Thor is next Marvel film leading up to The Avengers (we still have a while to wait for Captain America). If the new trailer for Thor doesn’t quite do it for you, check out the previously mentioned extended version.

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The Tree of Life

Terrence Malick is a love-it or hate-it director. Although his films are lengthy and overindulgent, being a former cinematographer, they are always astonishingly beautiful. The Tree of Life appears similar to Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain – not only in theme but style. Being an avid lover of The Fountain, I cannot wait for The Tree of Life.

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