Did no one listen to us? I get the feeling nobody did. Luke and I rarely agree on movies (check out our reviews on Salt to see what I mean). But, we both agreed that Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was all sorts of awesome and still no one went to see it this weekend. Shame on the world for missing such an amazing film.

Scott Pilgrim went up against The Expendables and Eat, Pray, Love. Seemingly Pilgrim would’ve gotten a key demographic of the 30 and under crowd that would have loved to see a throwback movie about old school video games, but Stallone and his macho crew ended up stealing most of whatever demographic Pilgrim was hoping for.

While The Expendables raked in close to $35 mil. and the Julia Roberts flick Eat, Pray, Love brought in $23 mil. Scott Pilgrim sagged behind in fifth place, behind The Other Guys and Inception, bringing in a measly $10.6 mil.


We could go on and on about why we think people didn’t see Scott Pilgrim take on the world. Perhaps Universal didn’t quite market it correctly. The trailers make Scott Pilgrim seem much dumber than it actually is. It’s level of humor is up there with Hot Fuzz, so it’s going to give you a lot of laughs. Still people just didn’t go. Saying to Hollywood, “We don’t really want original filmmaking and writing, keep feeding us a heavy dose of sequels and we’ll be happy.”

At least people are still seeing Inception, which is a plus…

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