I’ll never forget seeing Jurassic Park for the first time. Back then, shows like Entertainment Tonight focused on the entertainment – not celebrity gossip. While watching one of those programs, I saw the clip of Dr. Grant and the kids running through/with the flock of ostrich-like dinosaurs. Being only 12 years old, the special effects of that scene blew my mind. I had to see Jurassic Park at the first showing on opening day.

If midnight showings existed in 1993, I was oblivious to it because of how young I was. So a few buddies and I hopped on an early morning bus, rode over to the brand new Cinemark in Victorville, CA, got in line behind a bunch of other geeks like ourselves and watched a 10-something-A.M. showing. And boy was it amazing. Computer generated special effects in that grand scale were unheard of. Seeing the first showing of Jurassic Park on opening day is a moviegoing experience that I will never forget.

The recently remastered Jurassic Park trilogy is coming to Blu-ray for the first time this Tuesday, October 25, in a complete giftset. Universal Studios Home Entertainment has supplied us with two copies of the trilogy to give to you, The Reel Place readers. Mind you, this is Blu-ray – not DVD – so you will need a Blu-ray player or a PS3 to watch this trilogy.

To enter to win, in comments section below, enter your best/favorite memory associated with the Jurassic Park series. This is a huge giveaway for The Reel Place, so if you really want to win, take your time with this write-up. Don’t simply put, “I like the scene with the T-Rex and the kids.” Follow my lead and give us a quick write-up along the lines of the personal story that I shared in the opening of this post.

Once you’ve entered your story in the comments section, email it to me (luke@thereelplace.com) along with your name and mailing address. Please type “Jurassic Park” in the subject line. Note: with many of these giveaways, contestants fail to enter their mailing addresses. If you want to win, I need to know where to mail it, so make sure your address is included.

Finally, log into Facebook and update your status to read, “I just entered to win the Jurassic Park trilogy on Blu-ray at www.TheReelPlace.com”

All entries must be received by 12PM MST on Monday, October 24. The winners will be announced on Facebook later that evening. Win it before you can buy it at The Reel Place.

Thanks for entering and we look forward to reading your Jurassic Park memories!

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