Well, it’s official. We are going back to the highly CG world of Pandora. James Cameron can’t talking about making Avatar sequels and now 20th Century Fox has confirmed that it is not just all talk.

Yesterday the announcement was made that Cameron will make 2 and 3 next – but not immediately. Unfortunately, Avatar was not originally conceived as a trilogy. First, Cameron will write both films. Second, he must decide if he wants to shoot them back-to-back a la Lord of the Rings, Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions and Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3.

Preproduction will begin early next year with a goal to start shooting towards the end of 2011. Because this supposedly lengthy and in-depth new filmmaking process that Cameron and his team have invented, the first of the two sequels will most likely not storm theaters until December 2014. (If you are as curious about this new filmmaking process as I am, you will finally be able to get a look into it on one of the many special features included on the Extended Collector’s Edition of

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