Don’t get me wrong – I like Avatar. But why in the world is James Cameron re-releasing Avatar on the big screen again? Starting August 27, you can go to any nearby 3-D or IMAX screen and see an extended version of Avatar featuring never-before-seen scenes. Rumor has it there are around 10 minutes of new footage in this cut.

Mind you, this is not the “director’s cut.” It is rumored that Cameron will release his cut – which is suspected of being upwards of three hours – on Blu-ray around Christmas time. Having that planned for the near future, why in the world they re-releasing it? Hopefully Cameron will not pull a George Lucas and constantly re-release Avatar in theaters and on home video for the rest of his career. We already know he is planning on making his supposedly previously written sequels and/or prequels. Lets all hope and pray he doesn’t keep dragging this out.

Check out the new brief teaser trailer below or check out the high def version here.

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