Thursday, November 18, 2010

Harry Potter and the Tale of Nudity

The story broke a while ago that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was going to contain nudity. An uproar was created out of thin air about a scene in the movie that depicts Emma Watson “nude.” If you’re one of those that were completely appalled by this news I’ve got two words for you, Grow Up!

First off, the story is a non-issue. I’ve seen the movie and can attest that the nudity in discussion is a bare shoulder. Also, it isn’t even Emma Watson it’s a computer generated image of her. Her and a computer generated Harry share an intimate moment during a time of great distress for Ron. That’s it! I’m being serious when I say that you’ll see more skin at the local swimming pool than you’ll see here.

Let’s all just drop this nudity nonsense. I think most of us can agree that nudity can only be used when privates are exposed. A bare shoulder? Puh-leeeze! There’s nothing here to warrant boycotts, or demonizing of Hollywood. Oh, and Harry strips down to his skivvies to jump into a frozen lake to procure a much needed item.

So, if you find yourself too prudish to witness Daniel Radcliffe’s skeleton-like physique or too self-righteous to check out some bare CGI shoulder from Emma Watson then you’ll miss out on the best Harry Potter movie to date and that’s too bad.

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