Friday, October 15, 2010

Jackass 3D

Not for the weak of stomach or those with high morals, the "Jackass" guys out-do themselves in every way. Made for fans of "Jackass" and YouTube videos that involve crazy stunts, wild pranks, disgusting gags and guys getting hit in the nuts.

Rated R for male nudity, extremely crude and dangerous stunts throughout, and
for language.

Jackass 3D

Writing a review for Jackass 3D is somewhat pointless. Jackass is to boys what Twilight is to girls – each has its own audience. If you are a Twilight fan, you will see Twilight no matter how bad the critical response is. If you are a Jackass fan, you will also see it regardless of its reviews or word of mouth – although Jackass 3D will receive more positive reviews than Twilight.

Giving Jackass 3D a rating is more difficult than you would imagine. Even though it is 100% entertaining, how can you give a movie that shows slow-motion 3D projectile diarrhea five stars?

The Jackass guys are geniuses. People watch YouTube and Stupid Videos because they want to see other people do stupid stuff. Jackass is like watching one stupid video after the other. You no longer have to search for these videos and wait for them to load. When the television series was still on TV, you could watch 22 minutes of them in succession with only a few minutes of commercials here and their. The production value was infinitely higher than those online too.

Then they made the first Jackass movie in 2002 – 87 minutes straight of pure side-splitting stunts that were too dangerous and disgusting to air on television. In 2006 they gave us Jackass Number Two – 92 minutes of Jackassness that out-did both the series and the first movie. Now they have given us Jackass 3D, a 98-minute YouTube video where the guys out-do anything they have ever done – almost entirely in the third dimension.

When Avatar opened last year, it was said that “this is what 3D was made for.” I argue that. Jackass 3D is what 3D was made for.

One of the most iconic images from the Planet Earth series shows a super slow-motion, high definition shot of a great white shark jumping out of the water and nabbing a seal mid-air. While the actual shot in real time only lasted a second or two, the way it was filmed shows it in perfect detail for nearly 30 seconds. Imagine watching a bunch of people kicking eachother’s asses through a super camera that mixed Planet Earth‘s shark slow-mo with the 3D James Cameron’s Avatar – that is what Jackass 3D is all about.

Be prepared to laugh harder than you have ever laughed at Jackass. Be prepared to cry harder than Jackass has ever made you cry. Be prepared to gag more than Jackass has ever made you gag. And be prepared to get grossed out more than Jackass has ever gross you out. The ante is up. The stakes are higher. And these guys are about to out-Jackass their previous shenanigans.

Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

4 out of 5

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