When Avatar opened in theaters last December, I heard people say, “Now THAT is what 3D is made for!” I disagree. Jackass 3D is what 3D was made for!

I have received harsh criticisms from my wife concerning my love of Jackass throughout our marriage. “How can you like this?” I will tell you how: it is HILARIOUS. Watching Jackass with a group of friends or watching it all by your lonesome, it doesn’t matter – you are going to laugh out loud no matter what. It isn’t often that one gets to laugh so hard that he or she cries, but Jackass is a sure guarantee for such results. The stuff these guys do is so utterly stupid that it deserves to be watched. You never know what they are going to do next. And I can’t wait to see what they do with 3D.

That is why we want you to accompany us to a special advance screening of Jackass 3D on Thursday, October 14 at 10PM in scenic Sandy, Utah. Click here or on the image above to be redirected to a site called Gofobo. Once there, follow the link that says “GET A PASS.” If you are not a member of Gofobo’s site, you will be asked to register. Registration is absolutely free and leads to getting more passes to advance screenings in the future.

Mind you, having a pass does not ensure getting into the screening. You must arrive at the theater extra early to exchange you printed pass for an assigned seat ticket. We recommend that you call the theater the morning of the screening to inquire about the time that they will be exchanging passes.

Also beware that Jackass 3D has been rated R by the MPAA for adult language, nudity and adult situations.

Click here to see the inspiring trailer!

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