Friday, October 15, 2010

Jackass 3D

The Jackass guys are back hurting themselves, this time in 3D. Made for jackass and 3D fans will enjoy it the most.

Rated R for male nudity, extremely crude and dangerous stunts throughout, and
for language.

Jackass 3D

When men get older, women have a tendency to try to tame them. Women love to dress their men, teach them how to cook, tell them not to play in dirt, and make them watch Lifetime on occasion. Little do they realize; that Boys will be Boys. No matter how grown a man is, when around his friends, he can’t help but act immature.

Do you remember when your friend just dared you to do something completely stupid? He would dare you to test how much courage you have or to entertain an audience. The dares would range from eating a worm or eating a mixture from everything served in the school cafeteria. As we men get older, the dare’s become bigger, harder and crazier.

Back in 2000 MTV brought us a whole new series called Jackass which involved a group of men doing some outrageous stunts. The series lasted three years but since then, two movies have been released as well as several spin-offs. Steve-O and Chris Pontius had a show called Wildboyz. Bam Margera had his own shown Viva La Bam featuring best friend Ryan Dunn.

It’s now been four years since Jackass Number Two and the boys are back. This time their back and in 3D. Just when you thought they couldn’t get crazier and funnier, they come back popping in front of you with new gimmicks taking advantage of 3D technology. Stunts are more dangerous, more creative, and some are slightly remixed. Bam adds a new Rocky sketch to replace the buzz haircut from the previous film. Danger Ehren is his usual self with extreme sporting stunts. Steve-O somehow always finds a way to puke several times. Johnny Knoxville, the king of pain continues to get run over by huge animals. My favorite scene was called “Electric Avenue.” The whole cast must run through a gauntlet of stun guns trying their best to avoid getting shocked.

Jackass 3D isn’t really a movie to me, it’s just a bunch of guys acting like idiots but for it’s good for laughs. The genre sure isn’t for everyone. Some sketches are made to make you laugh while others gross you out. At time’s you simply have your hands over your mouth, thinking “Oh my god, I can’t believe he just did that.”

3 out of 5

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