Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Arthur Christmas

'Arthur Christmas' is the first solid family Christmas flick worthy of watching in a long time. Made for fans of good, fun family Christmas flicks.

Rated PG

for some mild rude humor.

Arthur Christmas

Upon seeing the trailers for Arthur Christmas, I’d believed that it was feature-length Christmas edition of some Nickelodeon show titled Arthur that I was unfamiliar with. But I was mistaken. Arthur Christmas is a stand-alone film about a boy named Arthur Christmas, the youngest clutzy son of Santa who returns the heart to Christmas and grows up all in one short night.

The Santas over time have gotten old and passed the mantle on to their sons. The current Santa is nearing retirement, so passing the torch onto one of his sons is imminent. The elsest son Steve is the ideal candidate, using technology to make it easier to deliver gifts to all the children of the world in one night. Santa’s younger son Arthur is too accident prone to be reliable, so he’s not likely to get the job, nor does he expect to.

After delivering presents to all of the world, it’s discovered that one gift fell off the conveyor belt and that a single child out there isn’t going to have a Christmas. Not wanting to go through all the effort for just one kid, Steve convinces Santa that it’s no big deal and they’ll make it up to her next year. But Arthur understands what Christmas means to children and sets off on a rogue mission with Santa’s crazy father,  GrandSanta, to make Christmas happen for just one child. Of course, their task is a lot harder than it should be, but Arthur sees it a worthy cause nonetheless.

Without a doubt, Arthur Christmas is one of the best Christmas flicks in decades, a worthy candidate for taking your family to see during this holiday week.

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4 out of 5

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