As I kid, I remember watching Tron with my older brothers. We loved it. I swear that every other time we rented a VHS player (yes, you used to have to rent those bulky old things because they were so expensive) we made our parents rent Tron along with it. Fast forward twenty years.

My wife did not grow up with Tron. She had no idea what it was about until the Tron: Legacy trailer premiered before Alice In Wonderland. The stylized cool look of Legacy gave her the desire to see it, so last month we put our daughter down to bed early and threw it in. Although I didn’t love it nearly as much as I remember loving it as a kid, I still really liked it. It is a solid movie with special effects that were groundbreaking (for the time being). The nostalgia of it all still made it very entertaining. And my wife liked it too.

But Tron: Legacy looks like a completely different beast. It looks amazing – and that is not just the inner geek coming out in me. With Disney being the cinematic superpower it is (dominating the playing fields with Pixar and Marvel), I have very high hopes for Legacy that I am pretty sure will be met.

The Disney Channel has recently aired an exclusive look at Tron: Legacy. While it barely features more than a few seconds of new footage, it finally hints at what the plot might be. Check it out!

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