So the word on the internet today is that we will be getting a prequel to The Wizard of Oz sometime in the near future. After you’re done asking the question, “Why?” I’ll fill you in on the details…

Apparently Sam Raimi, yes the director of the Spiderman films, is set to direct this new prequel. Robert Downey Jr. is rumored to be starring in it. The rumored title is The Great and Powerful, and it’s said that we’ll be following the story of The Wizard and how he ended up in his position of power over the people of Oz.

As much as I like Raimi and Robert Downey Jr. I can’t help but wonder what’s the point. It’s one thing to remake popular foreign films for American audiences, but trying to expound on an already cinematic classic? I just don’t see the point. What’s next? The origins of Charles Foster Kane’s long lost sled?

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