I’m willing to admit it. I’ve been sold by advertising. The flood of TV spots on NBC and its sister station USA for The Event have got me more than a little intrigued. I mean what’s not interesting about a plane flying straight toward whoever is holding a shaky camera? Or a person who seems to become lost while on a cruise? Or a group of people locked up like they’re the people from The 4400? Or the mighty Blair Underwood as President of the United States?

I know I’m probably just setting myself up for yet another convoluted, intentionally vague show that will build up questions for its first couple of seasons without ever answering anything, but I’ve got to admit it…I’ll be there watching when it premieres on September 20th.

What about all of you? Have the ominous TV spots made you wonder what it’s all about? Or are you smarter than me and realize that this is probably just another show with hundreds of unanswered riddles that will be dragged out to six or seven seasons of frustration?

Check out a completely ambiguous preview below!


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