This week brings a slew of movies – three new wide releases and two Oscar contenders that you may not of heard of.

I went on-air this morning with Jon and Justin of the Mix Morning Fix on 105.1 FM to talk about all five. Admittedly, I didn’t bother reviewing the country romance movie Forever My Girl with the justification that Jon, Justin and I are no longer on a country radio stations; however, I did see the other wide releases and could review them in full.

Listen in the embedded audio below (skip ahead to the 30:12 mark) as we discuss the new Chris Hemsworth post-9/11 true war story 12 Strong, Gerard Butler’s lengthy heist drama Den of Thieves, and the Oscar contenders Phantom Thread (starring Daniel Day Lewis) and Hostiles (starring Christian Bale and Rosamund Pike). Or, you can hear the audio by heading over to Mix 105.1’s site by clicking here.


Listen to “Looks Exactly Like A Chewbacca” on Spreaker.

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