Whether Joaquin Phoenix actually went insane or it’s all a big ruse and after his film I’m Still Here comes out he’s jumps out clean shaven and says “Gotcha!”, I’ve got to say I really don’t care.

The new trailer for I’m Still Here looks like an unfunny version of Borat that apparently we’re supposed to take very seriously. He’s a troubled man, right? There’s rumored to be more full frontal male nudity than Borat, so it has…that. Ugh! Is anyone as sick of Joaquin as I am? Even if this is just a huge publicity stunt he’s playing to get his name back on top it’s working counter-productively. He’s wearing out last nerves everywhere. For me, that last nerve was worn when I saw him up on stage trying to rap looking like a hobo.

Take a look at the trailer below and see what you think.

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