Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Green Lantern" Trailer

Last week we got a small glimpse of the Green Lantern trailer courtesy of Entertainment Tonight. Yesterday Warner Bros. launched the full-length trailer in HD on Apple’s trailer page. Known as one of the sexiest men alive, Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds as the superhero donning a CG costume created by the powers of an alien ring.

Earning a cover page photo on “Entertainment Weekly,” Green Lantern is being built up as a huge crowd-pleasing superhero flick. After seeing this trailer, I have a feeling it will be the opposite.

I haven’t seen the movie so I cannot completely judge it, but this trailer makes Green Lantern look downright awful. I will still watch it with an open mind and hope to be proven wrong, but based on what they show us here, Green Lantern looks like a train wreck.

Check it out below and tell me what you think.

Green Lantern is slated to open on June 17, 2011.

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