The much anticipated remastered loaded-with-goodies edition of the Back To The Future trilogy comes out on Blu-ray and DVD on October 26. To promote the release, Universal released never-before-seen footage from the initial shoot to The Hollywood Reporter.

Although we all know Michael J. Fox for playing the role, originally, Eric Stoltz (Pulp Fiction) was cast as Marty McFly. They actually shot the film for five weeks with Stoltz as the lead. Fox and Stoltz share similar looks, but as you will see in the following excerpt from one of the new special features, something was missing and Stoltz was let go to bring in Fox.

Back To The Future is the first movie I remember seeing in theaters. I have such a great love for the series that I cannot wait for this new transfer to come out on Blu-ray. Because there isn’t a single AMC theater in the state of Utah, I extremely jealous for anyone who does because they have the opportunity to see the first of the three film in their remastered glory on the big screen.


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