Ever since the candy-coated trailer of Yogi Bear surfaced it’s skyrocketed to my number one on my MUST NOT EVER SEE IN MY LIFE LIST. Why they picked now for a Yogi Bear movie is completely bewildering to me? Have people been kicking down Warner Bros. doors in order to get a Yogi Bear theatrical fix? I doubt it.

After witnessing the trailers, commercials and promotions for this movie I realized that I just couldn’t ever sit through something like this (and I’ve sat through Marmaduke). Still, when I found this little video on YouTube I couldn’t help myself. After watching it, man, if only this was actually in the movie. I know it’s a parody, but it’s a dang good one and it’s actually pretty emotional. This short YouTube clip probably emotes more raw emotion that the entirety of the Yogi Bear movie.

Okay, enough talking. You want to watch the clip. It’s embedded below.

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