Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Idiot Brother - Sundance 2011

A laugh-out-loud feel-good comedy about the most lovable idiot that will ever annoy you. Made for fans of Paul Rudd, heartfelt, well-written and hilarious comedies.

Rated NR - most likely restricted for graphic male nudity, language and some sexuality and drug content.

My Idiot Brother - Sundance 2011

Ned (Paul Rudd, I Love You, Man) is a happy-go-lucky hippie. He sees the world in a very naive way. He lives and works on a farm, sells organic produce (and an occasion sack of weed) in a local farmer’s market and believes that everyone is honest and good. He is so shut off to the harsh reality of this cruel, dishonest world and society that when a depressed-looking cop in full uniform spouts out a sob story about his crumbling marriage and inquires where he can score pot, Ned empathetically sells him a bag.

After serving his eight-month sentence for dealing drugs, Ned’s previous life falls apart – only he is completely oblivious to it. Ned’s farm-owning girlfriend (Kathryn Hahn, Step Brothers) has replaced him with another dim-wit hippie (T.J. Miller, She’s Out of My League). Having nowhere to live and zero dollars to his name, Ned moves in with his mother (Shirley Knight, Grandma’s Boy) who ends up driving him mad by treating him like a child – tucking him into bed each night. Considering every other option possible, Ned begins couch surfing with his three sisters. His naivete at their homes causes a rift between each family member and her significant other. Liz (Emily Mortimer, Shutter Island) is led to believe that her husband (Steve Coogan, Hamlet 2) is unfaithful. Ned comes between Miranda (Elizabeth Banks, Zack and Miri Make a Porno) and both her job and her good-looking, charming guy-friend (Adam Scott, Piranha 3D). And lastly, Ned also puts up a barrier in the gay relationship between Natalie (Zooey Descahnel, (500) Days of Summer) and her girlfriend (Rashida Jones, I Love You, Man) by bringing up her unknown past.

Although Ned is a people-magnet that brings positive perspective in the lives of everyone he meets, his family just can’t see him that way. His innocent nature has unintentionally brought their skeletons out of the closet – and they all blame him for their own previously secret past and problems. Ned is the most lovable idiot, but none of them see him that way.

My Idiot Brother is one of those rare comedic gems that has the ability to make you laugh hysterically as well as feel true heartfelt sentiment. With its all-star cast and uber-positive reviews, you will be happy to learn that The Weinstein Company has picked up My Idiot Brother for domestic distribution. Keep your eyes open for it.

4 out of 5

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