Friday, February 17, 2012

The Secret World of Arrietty

Disney domestically distributes another awesome Studio Ghibli film! Made for fans of solid animated flicks that will entertain all audiences.

Rated G

- fit for everyone.

The Secret World of Arrietty

If you’ve seen or read The Borrowers, then you’re familiar with the source material of The Secret World of Arrietty. Arrietty is a 13-year-old tiny person (as in Tom Thumb size) who lives with her family beneath the floor boards of a house in the country. Little people, like her, are known as “Borrowers.” Have you ever lost a button or a pin in your home? Well, it’s more than likely that a Borrower found it and has put it to use in his/her own home.

Arrietty is on the brink of being able to join her father on “borrowing” missions, and she couldn’t be more excited. But when she finally convinces her parents into starting the training, she accidentally opens up a can of worms. During her first mission, she’s spotted by a sickly boy who lives upstairs. Knowing and loving the mysthical story of Borrowers, he’s no threat to Arrietty and her family. He’s in awe of their existence and only wants them to be part of his life – but the same can’t be said for the crazy housekeeper who wishes to exterminate them all.

The Secret World of Arrietty isn’t my favorite of the Studio Ghibli films, but it’s much better than most of the American studio-made family flicks churned out these days. Disney has done a fantastic job dubbing Arrietty into English and, considering that it entertained both me and my four-year-old daughter, it ought to entertain you and your family as well.

Photo credit: Buena Vista

4 out of 5

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