Friday, December 11, 2009


A very boring history lesson that you could sleep through and still pass the class. Made for people who feel like they are supposed to because its awards season. But that's it.

Rated PG-13 For brief strong language.


The latest entry from legendary actor/director Clint Eastwood sucks. Plain and simple. Right from the very start this movie assumes that you love Nelson Mandela and know every intimate detail of this true story. I however didn’t, so instead of getting to learn about powerful true story of a man who unites a nation I got to see a story that went nowhere and made me very sleeply. The pacing felt like watching someone as old as Mr. Eastwood try and run a marathon. He gets excited and starts to run but instantly gets tired and stops. The first half is a confusing attempt at a history lesson comparable to a lesson taught by a substitute teacher and the second half is a really lame attempt at Remember the Titans. See the scene where Matt and the boys visit the prison where Nelson spent 27 years.

0 1/2 out of 5

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