Well 2010 has flown by us pretty quick and we had some good and bad from the movie industry. Some movies did well in theaters as well as a home video releases. While there were other movies we wanted to avoid at all costs. New actors and actresses came to Hollywood hoping to have a successful career. New directors either bring creativity or we get a remake of something we saw already. The year 2010 had its ups and downs like any other year, hopefully you enjoyed it for the most part. Here’s my best and worst of 2010.

The Best Movie of 2010

Has to go to Christopher Nolan’s Inception. There was no movie quite like this from the look and feel to the complicated plot. Not Leo’s best performance but with a nice cast built around him, Leo is only needed for the clutch scenes.

The Most Underrated Blu-ray Release

I’ll be quite honest with you, I’d never heard of this movie until it received a BestBuy exclusive Blu-ray release. Hard Candy snuck up on high-definition and when I mention it to people they have no idea what I’m talking about. A great movie to watch when you have no idea who to root for.

Newcomer of the Year

Chloe Moretz was a one-girl wrecking shop this year with her roles in Kick-Ass, Let Me In & Diary of a Wimpy Kid. She will be known as Hit Girl for quite sometime. For such a young age, Chloe really has made a major impact in Hollywood in a short period time. Keep an eye on her as she appears to be on the rise.

Best 3D release of the Year

I think this one will be pretty debatable but I’m going to have to go with Jackass 3D. With special effects right in your face (and other human objects you don’t want near it), Jackass 3D was worth the extra pay for the new gimmick.

The Show Your Respect Movie for 2010

Heath Ledger left us way too early. He will forever be remembered as playing the scariest villain in the Batman series. Every second he was on screen in The Dark Knight he left a major impact. If you haven’t seen his final movie The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus please give it a look. Heath was unable to finish the movie before his death. This is where Johnny Deep, Jude Law and Colin Farrell step in. The three actors completed the movie for Heath and donated their salary toward his daughter so she will have something to fall back on from her father’s career since his will wasn’t finished before he passed.

The Saddest Movie of the Year

Every boy goes through this at one time or another. Giving up my Transformers, G.I Joe’s, Starting Lineup figures and my entire He-Man collection was the hardest thing I ever did. To see Andy give away Woody and Buzz had me recollecting about my own toys. Toy Story 3 was known for making grown men cry, even though I didn’t shed any tears, I still can’t deny how sad the ending was for me.

Best Chick Flick of the Year

Guys this nomination is not for you but it’s surprisingly watchable. If you are into poetry then this movie definitely is up your alley. Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls is a great movie for women who are in a relationship. We have nine different women who represent a typical relationship in today’s modern times. If I was a poetry guy this movie would have received a better score from me in my review.

Best Voice/Voices of 2010

They almost didn’t get my nomination but I had to review the Blu-ray release of Tyler Perry’s play for Madea’s Big Happy Family last week. Jeffery Lewis and Zuri Craig murdered the musical portion of the play. Their acting will only improve through time and experience but the dynamic duo already have

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