If you frequently visit your local movie theater, you’re probably like me – tired of the distracting nuisances that come from seeing a movie in a theater full of inconsiderate patrons. Crying babies. Ringing cell phones. Mid-movie texters. Even broken seats and sticky arm rests. Thanks to Megaplex Theatres, you can now avoid those things.

Now open at the Megaplex 17 at Jordan Commons is the Groove VIP theater. With a prestigious title like that, you’d think that the theater was only available for parties and rentals, but it’s not. The Groove VIP theater is open for public showings as well as for rentals such as private parties and events.

What makes it so much better than a regular theater? The VIP room features a cozy lobby with massive HD flatscreen TVs where you can comfortably wait for your showing to start. It also has its own restaurant service. Order food from a special menu designated solely for VIP attendees and have it delivered to you before the movie begins.

Four different types of seats are available to choose from – all completely comfortable leather. If you’re going to a movie with friends, choose the nice and wide single seats.

If on a date, select the double seats with the potential of raising the arm rest and getting a little closer.

Towards the top of the stadium seating are a couple rows of full-on recliners. These aren’t like the ones at your grandmother’s house – these seats mechanically recline noiselessly.

And at the very top of the seating are booth with tables. (The tables had yet to be installed when this photo was taken). Talk about making your moviegoing experiences more comfortable.

Ticket prices for the Groove VIP theater are higher than the average ticket price in Utah, but you definitely pay for what you get. Matinees are priced at $12.50 and everything else at $17.50 – which is average for Southern California ticket prices. There’s no age limit for the theater, but know that there also isn’t a special pricing for children. Kids tickets are the same price as adults, hopefully keeping adults from bringing kids into the theater. There is also a no cell phone policy, meaning that you cannot use your cell phone in the theater once the movie has begun.

Jordan Commons was already my favorite movie theater in Utah, but even more so now because of this new premium service. If you head over to the Jordan Commons site now (click here), you’ll see the VIP listings for this weekend as well as the option to pre-order VIP tickets for upcoming hyped titles The Hunger Games and The Avengers.

Included are photos of the Groove VIP Theater and lobby taken during its grand opening celebration.

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