During my daily perusing of High-Def Digest’s forums, one of the alert forum members posted something about this little beauty, which is about to be released on Amazon.uk. Yeah for right now it’s an import, but there’s nothing stopping the makers from producing it over here.

There’s a ton of stuff in this set, so let’s see what we’re getting for our money:

  • PASIV (Portable Automated Somnacin IntraVenous) Device User Manual – Just in case you need to perform a quick extraction sometime down the road.
  • Movie Art-cards – Those look like they’d make a great little framed collection if you wanted to take it that far.
  • Inception Spinning Top – Great souvenir but don’t use it as your own totem if you go rooting around in someone’s mind. Remember, your totem has to be your own.
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