Blue Valentine is one of 2010’s best films. That said, it is not for everyone.

The Ryan Gosling/Michelle Williams film weaves back and for from two landmark times in a young couple’s relationship – their soda pop, infatuous beginning and the disastrous train wreck ending. Because everyone can connect with and enjoy the surreal romantic birth of their relationship, the crumbling marriage section of the film serves as a cautionary tale to anyone who has or is considering a speedy marriage.

Today The Weinstein Company and Lakeshore Records released the official music video “You and Me” by Penny and the Quarters from the Blue Valentine soundtrack. In the film, Gosling chooses “You and Me” to be the couple’s song, a reminder of their youthful love when love seems completely lost.

Being a fan of the film, I adore “You and Me.” For anyone who has not seen the film, watch this video to get a glimpse of what you are missing.

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