It’s that time of year again. The summer box office season is right around the corner. So what can we expect from this year’s summer movies? This summer does have its fair share of sequels. Heavy hitters like “Iron Man,” the “Shrek” franchise, and “Sex in the City” are guaranteed to bring in big box office dollars.

Remakes and adaptations – TV shows, video games, and even a comic strip – take center stage as the “A-Team” finally comes to the big screen. Also, keep a lookout for a few Sundance 2010 movies getting released.

May 7th

Iron Man 2 – We’re starting the summer off with a bang. “Iron Man 2” is the first big blockbuster film to hit theaters this summer season. Robert Downey Jr. reprises his role as the armor-clad avenger. This time he’s up against a whole slew of baddies, with the biggest and baddest baddie, Whiplash, being played by Mickey Rourke. Superhero films usually end up suffering from the Overload Disease, as the franchise wears on. While I have faith in Jon Favreau, sometimes these superhero movies can get bogged down with way too many comic book characters on the same screen.

May 14th

Robin Hood – Ridley Scott, director of “Gladiator” pairs up with Russell Crowe yet again, but this time they’re headed to Nottingham. Crowe takes up the Robin Hood mantel. Scott’s hyper-kinetic directing style may lend itself well to the material, but with that in mind this version of “Robin Hood” can easily slip into the dangerous realm of 90% action, 10% plot.

Letters to Juliet – What would the summer be without a good old fashioned chick flick to take a date to? “Letters of Juliet” stars suddenly widely popular Amanda Seyfried. It’s one of those movies where one look at the trailer and you’ll feel like you’ve already watched it.

May 21st

Shrek Forever After – It’s been three years since the lackluster “Shrek the Third” hit theaters. We’re not expecting much from this “Shrek” film, but it may pleasantly surprise. It’s just so hard to forget how bad the third one was, to really get excited about a fourth.

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