The Son of Rambow

(a.k.a. – Finally, someone smart picked-up and released a low-key, feel-good Sundance movie)

What happens when a nerdy kid from an overly religious culty family makes buddies with the school bully? The most amazing thing. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Will’s fanatic cult doesn’t allow their members to watch television. His life is forever changed when his teacher shows an educational documentary and he’s forced to sit in the hall and he meets Carter – the most notorious bully punk. After getting into a fight and breaking a fish bowl, Carter tricks Will into being his debt and uses him to film a short movie for a national contest.

One day, when hiding from Carter’s brother in their house, Will watches his first film – a bootlegged copy of Rambo in First Blood. From that moment on, every waking moment of his life is filled with action-packed war fantasies. This inspirations ends up changing the gears on Carter’s film, turning it into a project they call The Son of Rambow. In it, Will plays the son of Rambo and Carter plays the general. Together, they must try to rescue Rambo from the deadly grips of the villainous scarecrow and his flying guard dog.

Along the way, the two unlikeliest friends end up drawing the interest from everyone else in the school, even the “cool” French foreign exchange student. Before long, they are the most sought after friends in school and everyone is jumping at the change to take part in the process of filmmaking.

The majority of the Sundance films to get nationwide distribution are dark, bleek, extremely R-rated ones. The Son of Rambow is the complete opposite of what you’re used to; it’s a light-weight, heart-warming, feel-good film that will have you laughing and smiling from beginning to end. It is the definition of a great movie. It is the type of movie that Utah audiences would love, if only they knew about it.

The Son of Rambow is the best movie to hit theaters this week. It is perfectly well-rounded and entertaining. If you want to stay away from the crowded Indiana Jones lines, head up to the Broadway Theater in Salt Lake and check it out. You wont be disappointed.

Photo credit: Paramount Vantage

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