Quantum of Solace

It’s everything you’ll want it to be

Just like most people my age, I watched lots of James Bond flicks with my parents. While I always considered them fun movies, I never thought anything more of them – that was, until the franchise was rebooted in 2006 with Casino Royale.

Seeing the beginnings of Bond and following him through his first double-o-seven mission brought a new Bond for a new generation. Bond was the same tough, make-it-happen special agent, only he we saw a soft side of him when it came to the ladies. Through the course of the film, we saw how he became the coarse fighting machine we all know him as. And instead of being taken on outrageous, unbelievable rides, we were given a more serious, realistic take on the adventures of the character.

I have to admit, Casino Royale. knocked me off my feet. I fell in love with Bond, perhaps in the way my parents did. The old Bond was made to appeal to our parents when they were our age; this rewritten Bond was made to appeal to us. I loved it so much that the day I bought my Blu-ray player, I also bought Casino Royale. in the new high definition format.

The latest Bond installment, Quantum of Solace, is the first sequel in the franchise to link two of the movies together. Because of this, I highly recommend that you revisit Casino Royale. before seeing Quantum. The new movie picks up only minutes after the last one ends and ties into it so much that if you don’t remember the character’s names and the big plot reveals, you will be lost.

Casino Royale. closed with Bond shooting an unknown man, one that was responsible for the set-up and death of his lover, Vesper Lynd. Quantum begins with Bond taking this wounded suspect to an MI6 safe house for an interrogation. In this moment, it is learned that a secret superpower known as Quantum was behind everything, so Bond follows the only tie he can find into the organization to learn the identity of the one man in charge of it all.

Quantum of Solace is basically a non-stop action ride. Since Casino Royale. established the new grounds for the character, Quantum doesn’t have to take the time to explain everything again. The action runs full force from start to finish. It hooks you in from the very beginning, opening with one of the best filmed car chases to date, and doesn’t ever let up.

An audience our age that’s used to the quick, blunt action of Jason Bourne should have no problem enjoying Quantum of Solace. The older generation of Bond-lovers will like Quantum if they enjoyed Casino Royale.. But if they’re looking for the over-the-top action, one-liners and charming elegance of the older flicks, they’re going to be sorely disappointed. The new James Bond is gritty, ruthless and brutal. Where he might have interrogated and incapacitated someone before, he now shows no mercy, killing them without second thought.

If you plan on seeing Quantum of Solace this weekend, know you’ll probably have to endure long lines, crowded theaters and sold-out showings. Wait until next week and Twilight should steal away all of the poppy, don’t-know-any-better teen crowds.

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