Pride and Glory

New telling of an old tale

When you see the trailers for Pride and Glory, you may feel like the whole movie is told in those two and a half minutes. That’s partially true, but not completely.

Watching the trailers, you may very well think there isn’t much of a difference between this movie and last year’s We Own The Night. But there is. I don’t want to get into it much because it might spoil the plot somewhat. All you need to know is that a family of cops is pushed to the edge when a bloodbath of a shootout tears apart their family and their unit.

What sets Pride and Glory apart is the way it’s told. The first half tells the story of looking for the guys responsible for killing four NY cops; the second half shows you how it affects their family. It gets very personal and deep with every member of the family, shedding new light on this old story.

If you like cop crime movies, intricate stories, great, intense action and amazing performances from Colin Farrell and Edward Norton, then check it out. It’s not flawless, but it is very entertaining if that sort of film is what you’re into.

Photo credit: New Line Cinema

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