Kung Fu Panda

It’s like Kill Bill… for kids!

There is a noticeable difference between Disney’s and Dreamworks’ animated films: Disney’s are of such high quality that they do not need to rely on celebrity voiceovers. Dreamwork’s sells their mediocre movies on the names involved. Usually. Even though Dreamworks’ Kung Fu Panda has a typical list of celebrity voices, it is far better than any of their previous animated flicks.

Jack Black lends his voice to play Po, an overweight, under qualified misfit appointed by the elders to defend the nation as the next “dragon warrior.” After constantly being ridiculed and tormented by the nation’s top five warriors, Po is faced with giving up or overcoming the odds.

While the plot is fairly typical and leaves hardly and room for surprise, the delightful entertainment along the way makes the ride well worth it. The witty script is filled with hilarious moments and great dialogue. For great, fun family entertainment, Kung Fu Panda is it.

Photo credit: Dreamworks

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