Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

(a.k.a. – Indiana Jones and the National Treasure-like X-File)

Now that Indy has filled his almost twenty year big screen absence, there are lots of mixed emotions coming from those who have toughed out the long lines and crowded theaters; some feel completely fulfilled, others utterly disappointed and let down. If you have yet to solve the mysteries of the crystal skulls, then this is what you should know before going in (note: I will not refer to The Temple of Doom because it sucks beyond explanation):

The Crystal Skull is not your typical Indy movie. Instead of being based on some well-known mysterious archaeological expedition (like the ark or the holy grail), it is based on some unknown science fiction ideas that do not fit into the usual Indy realms. We’re talking Roswell, Area 51, mind reading/contol. Jump to your own conclusions.

If I had to give The Crystal Skull‘s plot a grade, it would easily be an F. But if I had to grade it on classic, Indy style fun-ness, I would give it an A+++. There are several moments just as memorable as the shooting the swordsman and fighting the huge Nazi under on and around the warming up airplane in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Other than that, literally, everything else in the movie is top notch. The action is great. The acting is great. And it’s really fun to see the regulars like Jim Broadbent (Indy’s boss) and Karen Allen (Marion Ravenwood from Raiders) along side newcomers Shia LaBeouf (playing Mutt Williams), Cate Blanchett (evil Russian mindreader Irina Spalko and John Hurt (fellow professor Oxley).

Though Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull isn’t the perfect film every Indy fan was hoping for, it sure is a fun ride. But don’t take my word on it. Go out there and see it for yourself. If you can dismiss the horrible plot, then you’ll love it.

As my buddy Mark MacKay put it, “Before going to see it, just know that George Lucas had a hand in it.”

Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

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