Henry Poole Is Here

This summer’s delightful feel-good comedy

Much like last year’s sleeper comedy Lars and the Real Girl, Henry Poole Is Here is a quiet indie flick sneaking its way onto the radar. It’s the best little movie that nobody will ever see unless they put forth the effort.

Luke Wilson plays Henry Poole, a quiet man hiding more than he’ll let on to. Without giving a reason or even a clue as to why, Henry moves back into the neighborhood he grew up in for an announced short period of time.

Although trying to live in solitude, Henry gets the attention of everyone in the neighborhood when portion of his wall’s water stained stucco reveals the face of Christ. The journey that ensues for everyone is one of faith and hope, trials and miracles.

While the inciting incident of Henry Poole is based on a Catholic belief, it is in no way limited to those of the Catholic faith. The themes and morals of the story are meant to inspire any person going through hardships in life.

If the story and amount of emotion involved within the film wasn’t enough to make Henry Poole a great film, all of the other components of filmmaking would. Though consisting mostly of unknown actors, the cast is brilliant and perfect. The soundtrack creates a fitting mood and atmosphere. And the cinematography is beautiful, never showing a trace of its low budget.

Much like Lars and the Real Girl, I suspect that – before long – Henry Poole Is Here will gain fans through word of mouth. But why wait until then to see it? Why not start spreading the word yourself? Henry Poole is definitely worth putting for the extra effort to see. With a PG rating, it’s a film fit for anyone and everyone.

Photo credit: Overture Films

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