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Another bad attempt at remaking Crash

When Crash opened, along with everyone else, I was pleasantly surprised at it’s refreshing new style of utilizing an ensemble cast and the complex “crossing-paths” storyline. And although it was very “preachy” with its morals, because the film was well done, it was acceptable.

Now, a few years later, we have another film attempting the exact same thing. In Crossing Over, the plot is the same. The moral is the same. There are only two major differences: the blame is cast on the U.S. Government and not on the fault of the individuals themselves, and instead of dealing simply with racism, Crossing Over deals with racism, illegal immigration, the mixing of cultural differences and the idea of what it takes to be “American.”

Harrison Ford plays a border patrol officer that tries to reunite a deported Mexican woman with her left-behind child. His partner is a now naturalized citizen whose family is having a hard time adjusting to the American culture. Ashley Judd plays an immigration defense attorney who, like Ford’s character, care too much for the well being of others. Ray Liotta plays her husband, a crooked immigration advisor who approves visas in return for sex. By the end of the movie, along with several other characters, Crossing Over blends their stories one with another.

Nearly every moment of Crossing Over feels like a scene from Crash. But instead of merely telling the story the way it is, you feel like they intentionally show you the scummiest side of the reality of it just to strike up an extra emotion or two. Not only does it feel very manipulating – even more so than Crash – but it feels very contrived. Even if there is harsh reality behind what we’re seeing, what are the chances that we’d see all of the disgusting scenarios in this story together?

While the cast includes several well-know actors, none of them feel like they put anything into their roles. The not-so-well-known actors are the ones that shine in Crossing Over. Across The Universe‘s Jim Sturgess does a far better job than Harrison Ford. The same goes for Alice Eve (Starter For 10) over Ashley Judd and Cliff Curtis (Sunshine, The Whale Rider) over Ray Liotta. The known actors feel like they never even showed up for the part, while the lesser known ones shine as if this is their only chance to stardom.

If you’ve got an eek ling to to check out Crossing Over, stay home. Rent Crash. I’ll bet the poorly reviewed Starz series of Crash is a better viewing than Crossing Over.

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