Rappers and R&B singers have been flooding Hollywood behind the big screen. Selling a platinum record really opens the door for many opportunities in a music artist’s career. These artists start clothing lines, create colognes and perfumes, and market tons of other merchandise across the world. The fans see them in videos and magazines which helps promote these stars just about everywhere they go. Young children hang up posters and pictures all over their bedroom walls worshiping them.

Now just because you have platinum selling album doesn’t mean you can act. Sometimes I understand why Hollywood would want to cast one of these stars in a film because it helps the box office. A small cameo or a guest appearance in a TV sitcom is fine by me, but when one of these artists gets a major role in a big blockbuster film I get disgusted.

There are a few that have the talent or the desire to strive and be successful. Ice Cube and Tupac Shakur made names for themselves in Hollywood. Tupac went to acting school when he was young and his talent showed on screen. I’m not saying Tupac could have played in any movie but given the right role, I believe he could have pulled it off. Let’s say a movie like The Departed; I personally think he would have been fine with any role besides Leo’s and Matt’s. LL Cool J, Dmx, Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris have been decent enough on film too.

Then we just have those rappers that I can’t figure out why casting directors keep hiring them. I understand they’re big time celebrities and they help make the movie make a quick buck, but these bad actors and actresses can really ruin a film. I try my best not to pass judgment on them when they make their debut, giving them time to improve and learn. By their second leading role, I don’t allow any excuses, you either got it or you don’t.

Here’s a list I decided to compile of music entertainers that I think should stay away from a movie set. You may be a talented musician but please, I beg you please stay away from the camera. Michael Jordan was the most talented basketball player ever, when he tried to play baseball everyone wanted him to stop. If you’re a musician out there and want to be in a movie, I suggest you stay humble, work hard and take the proper training that is needed to help you improve your acting skills

5. Master P – Most of you may have never seen him in a movie before, I suggest you to thank god for that. Master P aka Percy Miller has produced and played in a few movies from his own production label. I’m Bout It, I Got the Hook Up, and Still Bout It are some of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Percy has the same swag and posture in every role he has played in. He has even tried the comedic role as well. Percy’s empire of No Limit Records is no longer what it used to be, but please fix your rapping career before you attempt to be in another movie.

4. Mariah Carey – I won’t lie, I’m a sucker for Mariah’s Daydream, Butterfly and The Emancipation of Mimi albums. Mariah Carey can really hit a note with her beautiful voice but her acting skills have been horrible. I haven’t forgotten about how bad she was in Glitter and State Property 2. Her role in Precious almost saved her from making my list but Mariah you failed in You Don’t Mess with the Zohan. You played yourself in that movie and you couldn’t seem to even get that right.

3. Ashanti – Now this one I can’t figure it out at all. You can’t sing, you can’t dance, and you sure can’t act. How you made it in the industry and Hollywood is beyond me. Your voice has never changed in any role; you always just snap your neck and fingers. I’m so glad you were barely in Coach Carter. I can’t figure out why anyone would pick you to do The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz or John Tucker Must Die. The good news is her acting roles are starting to deteriorate just like her music career.

2. Ja Rule – Jeffrey Atkins had potential as a rapper. His first album Venni Vetti Vecci sold 1.8 million records in the US and Jeffrey showed some lyrical skills. That didn’t seem enough for him so on his next few albums Ja Rule decided to stop rapping and start singing on his albums. His singing career really took off for a few albums until 50 Cent came around. 50 Cent exposed him for not being an emcee. Ja Rule you are a terrible actor. Half Past Dead, The Cookout and Back in the Day were just awful. Your voice sounds like the cookie monster, you look like Stuart Little and you sure can’t act. Turn It Up was the only good movie you have been in, but that was due to the talent of Jason Statham. Hollywood please stop giving him roles in movies.

1. Beyonce – She’s had one role I thought she played very well, so let’s get that one out the way. In Dreamgirls Beyonce played Deena Jones who was part of a singing group. Deena became such a star that she eventually left the group to become a successful solo artist (a little too familiar to Destiny’s Child, right?). I know Beyonce is a dime piece and has an amazing body but her acting skills are just awful. Austin Powers in Goldmember, The Fighting Temptations and The Pink Panther are great examples of how bad her acting abilities are behind the camera. Obsessed was a decent movie, but could have been a lot better if Beyonce wasn’t there to ruin it. She has a great voice and can really sing but that’s where I want it to end.

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